Your Safe Place

We understand that looking for your ideal partner on an online platform can be an intimidating process. Especially since you're expected to connect and open up with absolute strangers for a relationship that could last a lifetime. Wedeterna was built keeping the nature of this interaction in view. A platform that's safe, secure and tailored to make you feel at ease about what and who you share information with, that's us.

  • We never share any information, besides your basic details, without prior permission from you.
  • At every step of the way, we check with you to make sure that you continue communicating with the person on our site before sharing any further details.
  • We also provide services of background verification, scanning for authenticity of their address, social media profiles and criminal records.
  • In the slim chance that you've been careless and had an uncomfortable interaction with a user, you can report the person to us.

Based on your feedback we do our investigation, put the user on our watchlist or take necessary action.

Our aim is to keep Wedeterna free of all unwanted elements and replete with people in search of their better half, in all earnestness. We request all users to help us build a safe community by reporting any unusual suspects, fake or 3rd party profiles that might be looking to disrupt the clean and honest vibe of our space.

Words of caution:

Go with your instinct and trust your intuition for most of it because ultimately is it your choice. But having been around in this space for a while, we would still like to caution you on a few things that we see as unnecessary and easily avoidable.


Via email: Your registered email is your primary mode of contact. One which is most often linked to everything in your life. We suggest you create a separate email account for all communication with prospective partners. Don't get us wrong. We aren't trying to scare you. But when you start communicating with someone you know nothing about, it's better to communicate only via a newly created email account. Also, don't forget to remove all signature lines in your email that have your phone number or address.

Time and space: Those who are well-meaning and have clear intentions will give you your space and time to interact. They will not force or trick you into sharing any personal information. Do keep watch of those who do not respect your time and space, behave inappropriately or make you uncomfortable in any way. Stop communicating with such people immediately.


In public places: While you might have grown to trust this stranger, don't forget that you still don't know them well enough. So our word of caution is to be safe. Share your whereabouts/meeting place with your family/friend and choose a cafe or a restaurant that is known to you and located in a central part of town. We probably don't need to tell you this, but don't forget to carry your phone along.

Pick-up/drop: Manage your own transport and try not to get your prospective partner to pick-up/drop you home on your first few meetings.


Inconsistent behaviour: Make sure you ask enough questions to check for compatability and catch lies if any. Watch out for any emotional imbalance or character traits that are inappropriate in any way. All attempts to control you mentally or physically must be noted and taken as warning signs.

Inconsistent personal information: In case of any inconsistencies regarding their age, interests, marital status, profession, employment, failure to answer questions, difference in online profile and meeting in person and trying to hide you from family or friends are clear warning signs.


Money: In case anyone you meet online starts enquiring about money and demands it of you, cut off all communication from them or bring it to our notice.

Love: Take time to get to know the person before making any commitments. Don't fall for empty flattery and affection even if you think it's harmless as it is only virtual. You don't want any unpleasant surprises later.