Unlike other matrimonial sites that cater to parents of prospective brides and grooms, Wedeterna is meant for those who want to give traditional arranged marriages a shot without leaving it entirely to family and relatives. So at Wedeterna, we’ve created innovative profile features that bring out personality and character traits, not just vital statistics. These profiles are self-created, which means you get to speak your mind and share your thoughts on everything from life to movies and scan through profiles of other likeminded singles. Making it easier for people to interact, share and connect.

We’ve tailored our profile pages to give you easy access to different aspects of one’s personality: social must knows, photo collages and even partner preferences. We’ve done this while maintaining high security standards. When you join our network we make sure all your personal information is kept safe and secure. Giving you complete freedom to decide who you do and don’t wish to make contact with. So whatever be the specification you have in mind for your perfect partner, you’ll find it on Wedeterna.

Self-created Profiles Only

Wedeterna has innovative profile features that bring out one's personality and character traits. Based on the DIY philosophy, these profiles are self-created, which means you get to speak your mind and share your thoughts, making it easier for people to interact, share and connect.

Profiles Up-to 30% Complete

If you believe in the Do It Yourself philosophy as strongly as we do, open up, share your story and get your profile up to 30% complete. Because if you don't, you won't get listed in search results (this has been done intentionally, to keep the site clutter free and make sure only interested who're serious enough, get listed in search results).

No Contact Details Required

Joining Wedeterna is as easy as registering with your email or signing in with your Facebook or Google open id. We never post anything on your FB or Google page, ever. And you don't need to share your phone number or contact address to join the website.

Personal Details Kept Safe & Secure

We ensure that your personal details, email id and phone number are never shared and never made public. No one gets access to it, not even premium members! While anybody can send you a request for your contact details, only you decide who you want to get in touch with.

Matrimonial Background Check(MBC)

We’ve tied up with an external agency to do the Matrimonial Background Check (MBC) for you. It's a one-to-one process, which means, the details of the verification are made available just to you, on your request. MBC indirectly reduces fake profiles and suspicious characters from misusing our site. It also gives you the freedom to share information, update photos and be yourself, knowing that only genuine users get to see your profile. Making Wedeterna the safest and most secure matrimonial network to be on.

Get In Touch(GIT)

G.I.T is a premium feature that you can access only after you upgrade to Premium Membership. It lets you request for contact details of any user that you would like to get in touch with when you receive a G.I.T request, you could either share your details or completely ignore the request. If you do decide to share details, you could either directly share your contact or share your parents contact details first. This is purely a one-to-one interaction and any information shared is sent to email the address that is registered with our site.


Our innovative profile features bring out personality and character traits, not just vital statistics. Stroll through our sample profile below.

Wedeterna is free for all. Anyone of legal age can create their profile and start scanning through profiles. As a member, you can only interact with other users by using the "Like" feature. However to use the "Chat", "Message" and "G.I.T" features, you'll have to become a Premium Member .