DIY Tales – In some cases it will work and people will be really happy in an arranged marriage.

“I can’t imagine myself in an arranged marriage. I can understand the values of it and I think it’s different. I would be scared if I had to go through an arranged marriage. I saw an Indian wedding the other day, which was an arranged marriage. They were a young couple and they looked very scared. But in an English wedding it’s very different, the couple are very happy, they’ve known each other for a very long time and made commitments to each other and I wouldn’t associate feeling very scared at a wedding day. In some cases it will work and people will be really happy in an arranged marriage.”


DIY Tales – Love keeps a marriage going.

“Love keeps a marriage going. The day you fall out of love in marriage everything falls out of place. Because it’s for love that you exist.
We had some financial crisis and my husband gave up all the money he had saved. He did that for my mother. I’ll always hold that in a special place in my life. I mean there could not be anything better that he could have done for me.”


DIY Tales – I promised to travel to where she is so she would get convinced that I was interested.

“I’m in a courtship period right now. This girl who I’m courting liked me but her parents weren’t very fond of me. She wanted to take it forward and wanted me to give her some assurance. She doesn’t live anywhere close to Bangalore so I promised to travel to where she is so she would get convinced that I was interested and would know that I would go the extra mile for her. It’s currently going smooth and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.”


DIY Tales : My idea of an ideal partner was quite simple.

“My idea of an ideal partner was quite simple. I just wanted someone like me.
But I realized that no matter what your idea of an ideal partner, when you fall in love, even if it’s someone who is your completely opposite, you’ll know if he is the ideal one. Therefore setting an ideal partner image is useless.”
“I think falling in love before getting married is essential as you need to know who you’re going to live with and take some time to accept the other person. When you accept them that is when love continues to grow strong and eventually even after 27 years of marriage and 28 years of knowing each other, we continue to love each other like it’s a new day.”



DIY Tales : Love is Just being human.

Not the Salman Khan ‘Being Human’. Just Being Human.

I have tons of memories. Once we went out to eat and I was using a fork and a knife and a piece of steak landed on her plate. She was shocked. She probably thought she was out with a gorilla or something. That was our first date. That’s the first thing I liked about her; She could tolerate me.


DIY Tales

I like to travel. I’ve travelled to 25 states in India, Europe, and the US. And mostly all
backpacking trips. An unforgettable memory is the road trip we did from Bangalore to
Ladakh. And back to Bangalore. It was two and half weeks of travel,
17000 km. It was awesome. I am looking for a partner with patience, compatibility and I would
love a girl with similar interests. She has to be adventurous.

DIY Tales