DIY Tales – One day I asked her if she would like to marry me and it’s been good since.

“I’m not yet married. We’ve been in a relationship, it’s been 6 years. She’s my relative and we’ve loved each other since we were kids. One day I asked her if she would like to marry me and it’s been good since.
Love it is not just at first sight, you need to get to know the person, you need to see if you are fit to be in love, you need to see if you can accommodate each other.”



DIY Tales – Love keeps a marriage going.

“Love keeps a marriage going. The day you fall out of love in marriage everything falls out of place. Because it’s for love that you exist.
We had some financial crisis and my husband gave up all the money he had saved. He did that for my mother. I’ll always hold that in a special place in my life. I mean there could not be anything better that he could have done for me.”



Cafes for endless conversation in Bangalore.

Did you know that people now spend on average at-least 30 minutes at cafes. Aside from the grab and go’ers, anyone meeting a friend or lets say looking for some time to work outside work, will be there for at-least 30 MINUTES!!! If you ask me, anywhere i spend 30 minutes of my life, must be cozy, comfy and welcoming in the least. Now, keeping me there is one thing, making me come back is a whole other story. The key ingredient for that is CONVERSATION!

After some suggestions, research and alot of tasting, we have listed the TOP 10 CONVERSATIONAL CAFES in Bangalore. So its simple, somewhere you can relax and exchange ideas with friends or other people at the cafe. I want no sense of ‘fast foodnessness/hurry up and go’ No thank you.

We have handpicked cafes that keep the beauty that is Bangalore, in them one way or another. Cafes that add a twist to themselves by providing multi cultural meals while never forgetting the pride of home!





1. Green Theory


Convent road, Off residency road


Are you a vegetarian?

Green Theory is a resto-cafe that serves a 100% vegetarian menu. The café has a variety of delicious organic food ranging from desserts, sizzlers, burgers, pizzas and snacks. It is strictly vegetarian but deliciously so.

The ambiance is perfect and relaxing. The café basically shields you from the agitated life of the city. Once you enter the café it’s like a haven. The cafe features multiple seating, indoor, outdoor, gardening and sofas. The vibe at the cafe is young and inviting.

The food is well presented and service is rather swift. The reason being this cool mechanism that allows you to click a button to summon a waiter. You can order, request your bill and have waiter service without much delay. The menu contains food from all across Europe. Just to give you a little hint, you get combinations of salads and soups, desserts such as the Oreo Cheese Cake or the Chocolate Fondue.
Conversation Starter: The Oreo Cheese Cake.

2. Cup o Joe



Koramangala 5th block, 1A Cross road


Care for a cup of joe?

Cup o Joe stands for a Cup of Coffee. Your experience at the café provides a new way of living, called Joeful living. The idea of Cup o Joe sprang up from ideas put together while traveling around the world.  To give you a cafe with world class ambiance and service within the city of Bangalore.

The brick wall, fountain and old style furniture provide a rustic atmosphere. The exterior of the café is unique compared to its surrounding buildings. The café features 2 seating areas. The first floor seating lets you in on the action in the kitchen while the rooftop is a great place to chill out. It’s the perfect way to summon the lazy one in you to just sit back and relax!

The Menu is highlighted by European and Mexican cuisine. Spaghettis, chicken, Paneer corn cutlets and chilli cheese toasts. The variety on the menu is amazing and it serves both vegetarians and non- vegetarians. Top it with desserts such as cheese cakes, cream caramel and dark chocolate mousse.

Conversation Starter: BBQ Chicken wings.


3. Om Made Cafe


Photo Courtesy : Zomato

Koramangala, 1st Cross, 5th Block, Above Golds Gym.


I love home made food what about you?

The name Om Made Café has a creative meaning behind it. OM is the sound of the creation of the universe. Since everything is prepared in-house a little spin on Home Made brought OM Made to life. Since its start in 2014, Om Made Café has become one of the leading cafés in Bangalore.

The café designed by an Italian architect features amazing décor in addition to its relaxing rooftop. The furniture at the café is sourced from antique shops therefore they have a local touch to them. The beautiful rooftop is one thing that cannot go unmentioned with the view of the city and its green are visible from the deck. You can also enjoy spectacular sunsets while relishing an exotic french dish.

The menu was put together by a French chef. A wide selection of exquisite French delicacies are on the menu. Bon Appetite!  The menu includes a section of Om Made Specials that include Croque Monsieur, Vegetarian Lasagna and many more. The menu ranges from breakfast, burgers to healthy organic food.
Conversation Starter: The rosemary chicken breast.


4. Art Blend Café



HSR Layout, HSR Club Road, Sector 2, 22nd Cross



What blend of coffee do you like? An art blend maybe?

Art Blend Café is one of the most cozy cafés you can find. You feel at home whilst at the café. The best way to describe it would be ‘A homely café and upscale residential café with art adorning the walls’. Close to 2 years old, the café has become a meeting point for family and friends. Art Blend Café brings together food, art and urban café culture for all ages.

With more than 3 different seating locations, the café allows you to experience a new ambiance at every visit. The café resounds calmness and peace. You can read a book for few hours or have a go at a board game with the family while enjoying a nice meal. The café has even segregated a corner for you to explore your creative side. The art around the café makes it a very interesting place to be.

On the menu you’ll find everything from breakfast, lunch and dessert. Local cuisine, coupled with continental meals makes it impossible to pick just one thing! Sizzlers, pastas and desserts are all at your disposal. The signature dishes of the house are the sizzlers and the Chicken a la Brese.

Music at the café is based on time. Mostly radio hits of all genres are played without making it too loud, so that conversations flow to an easy beat.
Conversation Starter: The chicken sun dried tomato

5. Desserted



Vasanth Nagar Opposite Mount Carmel College


Ever been Desserted?

Started in 2012, Desserted is an amazing place to visit with its inviting ambiance. It provides a wide variety of French pastries and an exclusive dessert menu that will leave your mouth watering and tummy rumbling. Even the bread used at the café is made in house and the ‘pride of the house’ is a veteran coffee machine that adds a dollop of vintage to your espresso. This café will pull you in with the divine aroma of it’s baked brownies.

The crowd at the café varies from young corporates working around the area to students from Mount Carmel College. As soon as you walk into the café you can notice the youthful vibe in and around the café hence there is always someone interesting around to exchange some ideas. Not to mention Swetha, the owner whose doors are always open to people at the café.

Desserted features an Art room where paintings are displayed and sold. It has a room where all its old doors are recycled and neatly used to decorate the café. It also has a gift shop at the top of the café for cool souvenirs and gifts.

Conversation Starter: Cheese mushroom sandwich!


 6. Chaipatty


Photo Courtesy : Zomato
Photo Courtesy : Zomato

100 FT Road Indiranagar, Close to Sony Signal


Chaipatti Chalein?

If you are looking for a new experience then this is the place to be. Chaipatti. The name on its own is a conversation starter. It is a blend of the word Chowpaaty & Chaipatti. For an Indian kitchen, the ever present ingredient is Chai. So naming a café In a cool snacky way, the idea of Chai-Patty(puff) came along. A relaxed hangout place for people of all ages.

The café features an Indian, homely, perky like environment that makes you feel like you are at a friends house. Chaipatti takes the experience of enjoying a simple cup of tea to another level. The décor comprises of sketchy walls and art exhibited around the café.

The menu comprises of a variety of Teas. You can savor one along with snacks such as fries, sandwiches and some breakfast combos. Keeping the close to cultural roots pakodas and momo are available at the café. For those dessert lovers, don’t worry, Chaipatti has a plan for you.

Whilst enjoying a meal playing in the back are pop, rock & old chart-busters. Along with some current radio hits to accompany them. A plan to adjust the music according to crowd requests is also possible. Chaipatti is definitely somewhere you want to be to switch things up!

Conversation Starter:The exquisite Maggi Exotica.

7. Woodstok



Domlur Service Road, Indiranagar


Woodstok is back?

Woodstok is a café/restaurant named after the famous music and art festival of 1969. The décor comprises of lyrics and photos of artists from the 60’s to 80’s. Almost 6 years since its opening doors, it has become the perfect place to go for a taste of old-school.

A Victorian style  house which has been restored into a restaurant for people to come together and enjoy a meal. Woodstok features different rooms within its premises, each with a unique charm and décor. The walls are adorned with pictures of artists like Bob Marley, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and quotes from their lyrics. So if you want to go back to the ‘The good old days’, head to Woodstok.

The Menu consists of Mexican, Italian and American food. Woodstok is known for the variety of meat they serve. And of course not forgetting the vegetarians, delicious vegetarian sizzlers are also available. It’s a real paradise for a foodies.

WARNING: Your taste buds will be tickled.

Needless to say, while you enjoy your meal, playing in the background are some amazing sound of the 60’s to 80’s. Micheal Jackson, ABBA, Queen, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and many more.

Conversation Starter: The Woodstok Platter.


8. The Hangout Cafe


Hangout Cafe

Koramangala ,Behind Manyavar, Near Sony Signal.


What’s your favorite place to Hangout?

The Hangout Café is a European style café that boasts of an Italian ambiance. The best way to describe the café is perhaps by quoting Shiva, the owner who says, “It’s a hybrid. The décor of a café and the menu of a restaurant “. The Italian style comes through its façade, with canopies, plants and wooden fences.

The Hangout Café is 8 months old and offers free WiFi, multiple charging points and music of all genres. The outdoor seating of the cafe gives you a feel of being at a garden while the indoor seating has comfort and relaxation written all over them. This place pulls in anyone walking down the street, with its classy presentation.

On the menu is a wide range of soups, starters, burgers, paninis, wraps, pastas and pizzas. Shakes, juice, smoothies are also available for drinks. They also have custom made pizzas in the shape of a letter or object as long as you place an order in advance. Soon to come is a chocolate menu that’s customized to your taste.

Conversation Starter: The Chicken pie.


9. The Table Blue



100 FT Road, Opposite Biba, Wills Lifestyle Building , Indiranagar


What do you do when you feel blue?

The name Table Blue isn’t just a name, all the tables at the café are coloured blue. The Decor makes you reminisce the relaxing scenes of a Goan beach in December. The custom table made with a bicycle for its support or the bicycle hung on the wall of the cafe bring a whole different feel to your experience. The icing on the cake is the fact that all this is experienced whilst on a rooftop with a gentle breeze and a birds eye view of Indiranagar. In simple terms, add sand and an ocean to this place and you have a beach!
The menu consist of starters, soups, salads, pastas, desserts for eatables and wine as well. Signs of growth at the café are its recent wine license. Wine from all over the world, Including South Africa, are on the menu now. There is a lot on the menu to select from, don’t feel shy to experiment. The burgers are the juiciest in town and their potato wedges served with them, make for the best combo! The Chicken souvlaki with mint Tzaztaki is a eye catcher on the menu and so is the Cafreal Chicken which contains a little Portuguese touch to it. Amongst the pastas don’t forget to try the classic Italian Spaghetti Bolognese.

Conversation Starter: Chicken Breast with creamy mushroom.

10. Crème and Crust



100 FT Road Indiranagar, Below peacock hotel.


What do you like better Crème or Crust?

The name Crème and Crust on its own makes one’s tummy growl. This quaint café is tucked in the passageway of 100FT Road. At almost 5 years now, the café originally emerged to provide delicious pastries, whipped cream, chocolate and desserts. As years went by all day breakfast and food were added to its repertoire.

One thing that draws attention at Crème and Crust is its ‘compactness’. Besides being perfect for a date, it is the best place to gather a group of 6 people and involve everyone into one conversation. Its décor has wooden furniture and glass finish with a Spanish touch.

On the menu you get a variety of pastries and cakes. For breakfast you get to select different pancakes, waffles, omelettes and fresh bread. For those looking the a meal you get pizzas, pasta, sandwiches and even sizzlers on the menu. To add some culture to the menu a Desi breakfast with parathas is available. It’s actually amongst the more popular items on the menu.

Conversation Starter: All American breakfast. 



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DIY Tales : My idea of an ideal partner was quite simple.

“My idea of an ideal partner was quite simple. I just wanted someone like me.
But I realized that no matter what your idea of an ideal partner, when you fall in love, even if it’s someone who is your completely opposite, you’ll know if he is the ideal one. Therefore setting an ideal partner image is useless.”
“I think falling in love before getting married is essential as you need to know who you’re going to live with and take some time to accept the other person. When you accept them that is when love continues to grow strong and eventually even after 27 years of marriage and 28 years of knowing each other, we continue to love each other like it’s a new day.”



DIY Tales : Love is the basis of all relationships.

Love is the basis of all relationships. It could be love for parents, siblings, friends, spouse or children to come in the future . What binds all these relationship is love.

We’ve been married for 7 months. It was a love marriage and we met at work. Before that we were friends for almost a year. We first understood each others qualities and then it turned into a relationship. Generally I like his nature and our wavelengths match.


DIY Tales : Our journey so far has been smooth.

“We’ve been married for 7 years and we have a 4 year old kid. Ours was a love marriage. We met in office, spent 6 months together and then we decided to get married. Our journey so far has been smooth. We have not had any problem as such. But life changed after a kid. We had to lose some of our freedom, we couldn’t go away as and when we phased. Even now we have sent our kid with my mother to some other city and that’s why we’re outside.”


DIY Tales : Love is Just being human.

Not the Salman Khan ‘Being Human’. Just Being Human.

I have tons of memories. Once we went out to eat and I was using a fork and a knife and a piece of steak landed on her plate. She was shocked. She probably thought she was out with a gorilla or something. That was our first date. That’s the first thing I liked about her; She could tolerate me.


DIY Tales

“I had an arranged marriage. It was a very traditional ceremony. Him coming home, me serving coffee, and all that. I was very confused, so I let my parents decide. They said yes on our behalf.

Even though i never got to do it, I think dating is very important. In fact the past two months that we’ve been married, feels like we’ve been dating.

I find happiness in small things. Like letting friends sleepover at home or my husband wishing me good morning. These little things make a huge difference. Needn’t be something big. Can even be a small gesture, like help from a friend. ”