DIY Tales – Arranged marriages is not as bad as people make it out to be.

“Love, is difficult to put in words actually. I guess it’s where you feel that this person is the best for you to the exclusion of everybody else. I’m not much of a romantic so when I asked her out, I picked up the phone and asked her directly. As in, I just asked her if she was interested in me. My advice to everyone would be that always say yes to whatever your wife says. Don’t argue, just be quiet. Let her calm down. If she is already angry then you have probably done something wrong.

About arranged marriages, it is not as bad as people make it out to be. I mean if both people are consenting adults then there is no problem. ”


Ever Heard About Self Arranged Marriages? Now You Will !

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Wedding ceremonies and rituals may not have changed over the years, but the process of looking for love has. The traditional arranged marriage, where the elders had complete freedom to choose a life partner for their child is gently fading into history. Today’s parents know they want their child to find love and understanding above all else and are happy to help them choose their own match, even if that match is from another ethnicity.


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Spread some DIY Love!

DIY Tales – In the end of the day love has to be bit more practical and by being practical i mean you should not look for the one for whom you fall head over the heels in love with. You should find someone who’s compatible.

“There was a phase in my life I was in for arranged marriages and then there was a phase in life when i was against it. Right now i don’t know where I stand. And for me love could be anything. It could be the platonic type or the non platonic type.” ‪#‎DIYTales‬


Selfie At Your Favorite Conversation Café

As you know, we at Wedeterna believe in the DIY philosophy. But that doesn’t stop us from finding unique and interesting ways to play cupid. Which is why we shortlisted ‘Top 10 Conversation Cafés ‘ in Bangalore. Cafés with the prefect blend of an inviting ambiance that feeds conversations and a touch of local flavor. We even made suggestions on our favorite dishes on the menu at each of these cafés. Just to give singles more options on places to meet, connect and interact.

We even went a step further and organized a selfie contest at the cafés. All one had to do was walk into a café on our list of Conversation Cafés, take a selfie and Instagram it to stand a chance to win a grand prize! Each and every selfie had a distinct quantity to it. Some were fun, some were romantic and almost all of them were wonderfully unique.

So we would like to thank each and every one who participated in it and loved our initiative. It wasn’t easy to choose a winner but we had to. Congratulations to  Parag Gupta & Namita Kulkarni for winning the Wedeterna Selfie Contest!


We would also like to thank all the cafés for collaborating with us on this event.