DIY Tales : I used to walk down to the school, sit with them and teach for 2 hours.


I’m from a army background, my dad used to move every two years, so i have to meet new people and make friends every two years. I think i was lucky , because my dad was posted in these kind of places where, we went we enjoyed, we saw what we wanted to see. I try to do volunteer work as much as I can for NGO and try to donate money. When I lost my engineering I was at home , I went to a blind school to teach them. I used to dictate them slow enough and thought them for a year. That was something fulfilling. I used to walk down to the school, sit with them and teach for 2 hours. I’m like the worst teacher ever, because I’m extremely impatient and I have zero level of tolerance. So for me to change and mold myself, the worst part was I was teaching a kid she was partially blind and dyslexic. To teach a dyslexic you need to me very skillful. It was very frustrating for me because I couldn’t bent own. that’s why i realized I’m going to do this for only a year. Because you need to have a different personality for that. It was really nice there is no doubt about it. #DIYTales

DIY Tales – For me, love exceeds passion. Love has no boundaries


I’m from Tanzania. It’s a beautiful country, lots of vegetation, a lot of wildlife. We focus on natural and real things as much as we can. It’s a developing country. A little poor because of corruption. My childhood was good but I regret that I had to make some big decisions when I was young. I wouldn’t have made the decision back then if I had known some of the things I know today. My childhood was good. I met a lot of people. I had a free childhood. My parents gave me traditional freedom, they gave me social freedom. They let me be free. They made me go learn how the world is, suffer and comeback. It was good. I think Africa is great.

For me, love exceeds passion. Love has no boundaries. I’ve experienced true love. It’s when you go out of your way, that’s when you know it’s love. If you’re weird or strange it doesn’t matter in love.

DIY Tales – It’s nice to be independent.

I have been living alone all by myself. One of the reason I do that is I don’t like to be dependent on any body and I want a place of my own. It’s nice to be independent. I think I have crossed the stage of living with any body. Being independent for me means, I will get to do things with out having support from anyone else, what ever I want to do, I will get it done myself.


DIY Tales – Love is Infinity! It’s something that can’t be explained to someone unless you feel it.


Love is Infinity! It’s something that can’t be explained to someone unless you feel it.

I have experienced love for quite some time. A lot of times actually. There was a time when I used to work for an NGO and went to a place called Karunashraya. We celebrate Diwali there with people suffering from terminal cancer. One can spend time with them, dance and make them feel like it’s not the last day of their life. There was a guy there who started playing this song on his guitar and I found myself screaming my lungs out, and singing along. An uncle there who was also suffering from cancer asked me if I could sing the song the next time I visit. I told him that I would need to learn the guitar for him. He doesn’t even know me and we just connected. It’s not a relationship you try to make, it just happens.

DIY Tales – I think Love is a state of mind and happiness.


“I visited Gokarna to stay for a day, but I met her and she’s great company, so I ended up staying here for three days. I’m on a bike trip all over India.”

“I came to India to teach yoga. I have been teaching yoga for 20 years. After this I will go to Mysore. I want to spend two to three days there before going back to Spain. I think Love is a state of mind and happiness.”

DIY Tales – I was a victim of hit and run a year ago.

I was a victim of hit and run a year ago. I have had four to five surgeries since then. The nation is celebrating a guy who did not go to jail and who has quite possibly murdered someone with his hit and run. So it is quite atrocious for me to have to kinda live through this. Just to know that the country does not care about real law and order.

Love is the most important currency we can ever have in life. So if you are in love or if you were, it’s pretty incredible. And it is selfless. I’m in a relationship with lots of friends, I’m in a relationship with my niece, my parents. I love my parents, my friends. So there is lots of love in my life and that’s good.