DIY Tales – We love to cook and bake together.

“I think the sweetest moments are when you do these nonsensical and nobrainer things together. Like when you go shopping or the kind of simple choices which you make together it really helps in bonding. We love to cook together and bake together. Every once in a while when I come back from Bangalore to Chennai, I usually reach there at 5am, he would wake up and come all the way to see me and get me breakfast. That’s really sweet of him.”Tales-Anisha

DIY Tales – Love means freedom to me.

Love means freedom to me. The freedom to be myself. So far I have dated younger people but I have also dated older people. But prefer older people. Because i think older people are more interesting. At least in India the younger guys have a lots of growing up to do.  There is a friend of mine in Germany, he’s an artist. So for my birthday he drew a whole of cartoon strip of how we met, how we became friends and the thing we did together. He framed it to me and sent it to me. That’s one of the most thoughtful thing somebody has done for me.