People take relationships for granted these days, the generation is like that.

I am trying to control and change my possessive nature. Being over possessive also leads to silly fights and misunderstandings. I would suggest and advice people to be possessive in their own way but being over possessive will only ruin relationships.

One thing I really like about my partner is that he keeps updating me wherever he goes or whatever he does, be it at midnight or in the morning. Whether I am free or not he knows that I am there. He calls me up, he texts me, he keeps me occupied and that’s one thing I really like about him.

So far I have travelled to a lot of places working as a freelance model. I started 2 years ago and I’m still working on it. We don’t have that kind of publicity right now in India but hopefully we are working on it so that people know about us and transgendered are accepted.